Trees – Where you can put up posters

Dec 1, 2015 | Uncategorized

wood-nature-leaves-treePosters on trees are a great way to get the word around, and especially, reach people who may not be online.  If, as a community, we manage this well then we will probably be allowed to carry on (the Council are cautious because they don’t – and nor do we – want the trees covered in commercial advertising).

To see how best to spread 50 posters to get good coverage, this map might be useful – Telegraph Hill-Where you can put up posters

Where you can put up posters on Trees

  • A4 or smaller on trees (A3 is fine in front windows or on trees or placards inside people’s front gardens)
  • Just paper – please don’t laminate them – in essence the tree posters are to be transient notices of imminent events. Something laminated (or in a plastic pocket) is just too permanent and not environment friendly
  • No posters in the parks even for park events. There is a noticeboard in the lower park and (as an exception to the laminate “rule”) a laminated A4 notice can be put on each gate for park matters.
  • No more than 50 or so over the whole area. A map is attached showing that this does provide adequate coverage – Telegraph Hill-Where you can put up posters
  • Finally, and most importantly, everyone to remove posters once they are no longer useful. With events this is easy. Once a poster has been up for a fortnight most people who would be interested would have seen it. So if you are doing this sort of advertising – put small box on the poster with the date when you have put it up and the date by which you will remove it. If left in place after then, fair game for others to remove them, along with any other out of date event poster.