What’s On?

The Vision behind this Centre and church is that you will find some material comforts here and much greater things as well: that through friendship you will experience increasingly the things that give to life its joy and purpose: such things as love and trust and hope.

Offer yourself in friendship to others you meet here, of whatever age, or race or background, and you will help us all to make this real”

Bishop Allan Auckland 1963

Here’s the 2018 Autumn Term timetable of activities

Telegraph Hill Centre is a multi-use space which derives its income primarily from the rental income it generates from rental of the spaces on the ground floor of the building.  

We are also hugely grateful for the Community Mission Fund from St Catherine’s PCC, without which we could not support those in our community who need help.   St Catherine’s PCC manages the rental of other spaces throughout the upper floors of Telegraph Hill Centre.

Telegraph Hill Centre caters to the needs of the diverse population living and working in the surrounding area, regardless of their circumstances:

    • The rental income from the Centre’s hires enables it to sustain itself and form the basis of the Centre’s programme of activities Here’s the 2018 Autumn Term timetable of activities
    • Once a year Telegraph Hill Centre hosts Telegraph Hill Festival
    • The Centre also plays host a to a variety of art, community, educational, and performance led events across the year
    • Telegraph Hill Centre is pleased to have The Hill Station café in its undercroft, having been instrumental in the development of Bold Vision and that of Hill Station
    • More than 1500 people a week from all walks of life pass through Telegraph Hill Centre’s doors

Telegraph Hill and the surrounding area is richly diverse; wealth and deprivation sit side by side. Demographic changes in the area are rapid, but the problems and challenges people face are enduring.  

The Centre has been constant in its provision of services for vulnerable people through its core activities for 45 years.   We will continue this work.   

The Centre’s core activities include:

  • Services for people recovering from dependency on alcohol, drugs or gambling (which addresses the multiple issues arising from these life situations)
  • Services for young people facing challenges which offers them access to advice for their future, to talk about the past or help them with the present
  • Services for older people which combat isolation, offer companionship and access to other support services
  • Increasing access to support for people facing challenging situations like homelessness or mental health crises

Everyone associated with the Centre does this because we believe in the simple human principle that joy and purpose spring from love, trust and hope – the things we all need.

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