Telegraph Hill Centre is Coming to You!

Oct 24, 2020 | News

For 48 years Telegraph Hill Centre has been a place for festivals, pantomines and concerts as well as hosting a range of community activities for keeping body and spirit as healthy as possible. It has evolved and adapted, especially in 2020 with the challenges of COVID-19.

Never ones to let a good challenge go unmet, the Centre and its staff are thrilled to announce a new program the whole community can be a part of – Telegraph Hill Centre is coming to you.

That’s right. The Centre is going digital with some of its most popular classes, free of charge for those who want to join them. Yoga, Pilates, exercise classes, meditation, dance – the favourites at the Centre will be available through Zoom led by our network of qualified tutors, therapists and teachers.

Beginning the first week of November, we will have a weekly class timetable running until Christmas – free classes and sessions taught by the same people you already know at the Centre or perhaps have not had the opportunity to meet.

It will be a great way to keep in touch, share some of the experiences of lockdown, or indeed forget the lockdown for an hour or two.

There will also be free one-on-one therapy sessions available. The therapists at the Centre are fully qualified to ensure proper help is available as we move into winter and further restrictions. You may have been sick with COVID yourself or lost someone, you may be supporting others and feeling the weight a bit much, you may be feeling more anxious with the daily uncertainty, you may be feeling isolated or are just trying to cope with the new normal and its challenges. Let us know if we can help with a Zoom one-on-one therapy session.

(Unlike the other classes, which have unlimited spaces available, we have limited availability for the counselling sessions. If you are interested in the counselling sessions, you do not need to identify yourself in your correspondence with us. All communications will be confidential and passed on to the relevant therapist.)

There will also be group Zoom support sessions for dealing with bereavement, CBT, art therapy and self-massages techniques. For those whose first language is not English, there will be women-only and mixed ESOL classes. Autism-support groups will also be running.

Please let us know what classes you would like to Zoom in on, what times are best and any suggestions you may have about how to best use this project for community support.

The group session timetable and the booking system will be posted here next week but if you have any questions before then, please email

After Christmas, a second term of classes will run until mid-February.

We hope we can provide you with the support you need right now.