Telegraph Hill Centre: What’s on and why

Jul 26, 2014 | News

Here is our programme of classes, many of which will re-commence from September 2014.   If you’d like to join any of these classes please contact the tutors directly.   Some tutors tell us that spaces are already starting to go – so get in touch with them sooner than later: download the programme.

About Telegraph Hill Centre

Telegraph Hill Centre is not funded by local authority grants.

Telegraph Hill Centre derives its income from letting out the Centre’s main spaces (for activites listed in the programme for example) and through a very kind annual donation from St Catherine’s Church. By sustaining itself this way, the Centre is able to offer additional services free at the point of use for people in need or excluded from mainstream society. The Centre has been doing this for 40 years. Examples of services include:

  • Services for people who have experienced homelessness
  • Services for people recovering from drug or alcohol abuse
  • Services for isolated elders
  • Services for Youth living in and around the area, specialising in counselling and support
  • Support for pre-school (under 5s) children and their parents (Telegraph Hill Playclub) to tackle isolation and provide support for both parents and children

In addition, Telegraph Hill Centre and St Catherine’s Church have sponsored and supported Telegraph Hill Festival and Hill Station since their inception.

If you’d like to hep us please donate towards the work we do, ask us for more information or get involved.