Venue Hire

Booking Telegraph Hill Centre

Book space at Telegraph Hill Centre for a variety of activities, from private parties, performances, and exercise or maths classes to business meetings.  Booking fees are ploughed back into maintaining and improving the Centre.

Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, the halls maximum capacity have been reduced.

The bright Narthex

Dimensions: 140m2
 Accessible for wheelchair users

Narthex is the largest room available for hire, comprising a stage area and a fully-equipped kitchen. On the ground floor it is wheelchair-user accessible and accommodates up to 120 people seated theatre-style, up to 100 people for parties.

The space regularly accommodates large events and parties across the year, as well as Telegraph Hill Festival events, regular weekly activities to the annual Christmas pantomime. It is also popular for production companies to use as a home base for local film shoots.

The sunny Garden Room

Dimensions: 64m2
 Accessible for wheelchair users

The Garden Room is a light, airy, south-facing room with windows overlooking the garden, with access to a basic kitchen.

It’s perfect for meetings with up to 20 participants, or events and parties of up to 35 people, and ideal for workshops or classes in pilates and yoga.

The cosy Parlour

Dimensions: 13m2
 Accessible for wheelchair users

A pleasant north-facing room with a large window overlooking the churchyard, The Parlour is an intimate space perfect for small or one-to-one meetings, counselling, therapy and massage sessions.

The ample Studio 2

Studio 2 is the newest space in the Telegraph Hill Centre. Offering a vast open space with a small kitchen, waiting and storage area, it has proven popular for yoga and dance classes, performance rehearsals and film crews.

Find out more about the spaces you can hire

Contact us to find out more or to discuss what options might suit your needs and to find out our hire rates.

Monday to Friday
(Weekly Activities)
(Weekly Activities)
One-Off EventAll-Day Use
(8+ hours)
Includes caretaker throughout the event
Contact us for more details
Garden Room£12£17£45/hour
Includes caretaker throughout the event
Contact us for more details
Lounge£10£10Not AvailableNot Available
Studio 2£20£20Contact us for more detailsContact us for more details
Centre hire rates as of 2020

Centre uses:

  • Regular activities

Since it’s inception, Telegraph Hill Centre has hosted an eclectic range of activities, physical or otherwise, on offer to the greater Telegraph Hill area. From high intensity cardio to mindfulness, from yoga to Zumba, several different activities have called the Centre its home.

  • Support Groups / Wellbeing

The Centre also hosts support groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous, Gambler’s Anonymous and MIND, as well as a variety of mental health therapists and physical health practitioners, like holistic massages, reiki and acupuncture.
It is also the home of Branching Out, our older adults group, that offers weekly activities such as art classes and Tai Chi.

  • Parties

Always a popular place for birthday parties, gender-reveal parties and fun days, the Centre has been a part of many happy memories throughout its history.

  • Art Performances and Rehearsals

Not only has the Centre been a home for an annual Panto performance, including rehearsals, it is also home to several events as part of the Telegraph Hill Festival. Various bands and creative ensembles have used the Centre for their rehearsals or live performances.

  • Production Companies

As part of a scenically rich area, Telegraph Hill Centre as also served as the home base of a multitude of production companies filming locally. From commercials to TV series to movies, Telegraph Hill Centre has hosted them all for their make-up and catering needs, screen tests and auditions.

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