Venue Hire

You can book space at Telegraph Hill Centre for a variety of activities, from private parties, performances, and exercise or maths classes to business meetings.  

Booking fees are ploughed back into maintaining and improving the Centre.

Booking Telegraph Hill Centre

Parlour – an intimate but relaxing room, with plenty of natural light, ideal for one-to-one therapy, massage or counselling sessions.   This lovely room is available for as little as £10.

Lounge – a large and flexible room suitable for groups of people or activities. This room is filled with natural daylight and comfortably seats 30 people for a conference style presentation or board meeting, but can also accomodate a yoga or exercise class of up to 12 people with room to spare.

Narthex – this large space is ideal for staged performances, concerts, parties or AGMs and can accomodate 80 people seated at tables, 100 people seated in rows and up to 200 people circulating.   This large, flexible space is available to hire from £30.

You are welcome to dress the venue, but please ask us first as there are some minor restrictions.   View a video of a recent event in the Narthex here.   This large and flexible space is available to hire.

Entire Centre – You can hire the main ground floor spaces of Telegraph Hill Centre for a large scale party or reception, perhaps using the Lounge as a cafe/bar and the main Narthex space for a seated dinner, performance, dancing or presentation.

Please note the Centre is not available to hire on a Sunday

Contact us to find out more or to discuss what options might suit your needs and to find out our hire rates.

 How Telegraph Hill Centre is funded

  • Telegraph Hill centre receives no funding from Lewisham Council
  • Instead, Telegraph Hill Centre generates income from renting its various spaces and the money that St Catherine’s Church kindly ploughs back in on an annual basis
  • The financial independence Telegraph Hill Centre enjoys makes it a unique venue – not vulnerable to cuts, but also in constant need of ensuring its finances are secure and that we do all we can to improve and sustain it

In 2012/2013, the Centre underwent a refurbishment. Much-needed enhancements to the building included repainting, better facilities for the physically disabled, better use of existing spaces and a comprehensive update of utilities (electricity, etc.) to ensure the Centre begins to meet modern standards. The job isn’t finished yet. Hiring the Centre will ensure that we can continue the refurbishment.

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