The 2019 Panto Rapunzel

Jan 5, 2020 | News

We had five sell out shows for Rapunzel, the Telegraph Hill Centre’s annual Panto and the 10th anniversary production.

This year the company chose to add an extra show and also asked that all the funds raised after costs went to Telegraph Hill Centre. After discussion it was also agreed by the company that the ticket prices would be reduced to £10/£5 (previous years’ have seen higher ticket prices).

We’re incredibly flattered and humbled by the generosity of all who took part, helped, bought tickets or encouraged and sustained those who worked so hard to make it happen. To each and every one, thank you.

If there is one regret it’s that the last show had to be cancelled as the two cast members playing Rapunzel and the Witch, Sycamorticia, were very ill with flu. Instead the Panto company pulled together and delivered a thrilling and high-impact medley of many of the songs from the show. Happily we had filmed an earlier show and once we have it edited would be happy to offer a screening to those who missed it – look out for details on that.

The final accounts are still being pulled together, but early indications are that the Panto made a record donation of more than £3300 after costs!

The Panto was set up more than a decade ago by Sanjit Chudha and Susan Edwards to encourage participation in performing arts, and to offer a welcome to new faces and talents. Along the way it has raised a great deal of money for a variety of local causes from Hill Station and the 999 Club to Bold Vision and New Cross Learning.

New teams can mean new ways of doing things and that’s always exciting, ensuring that no Panto is identical to the last, with each bringing new ideas to the fore. The 2019 Panto Rapunzel came about thanks to the energies of a largely new team. While this year’s cast were the youngest in terms of average age, the company contained a mix of familiar and older faces alongside the new. Together they created a delightful and uplifting Panto. Our thanks go to them for their dedication and the joy they brought to us all.

What the money will be used for

The 2017/2018 fund raising drive generated a massive £30,000 which was spent as outlined previously on a new boiler, new chairs, new tables, repainting and new floors for the Garden Room and CCC Club, repainting the Narthex, CCTV and security enhancements and many other improvements to the spaces we have here at Telegraph Hill Centre.

Funds raised from this Panto have enabled us to begin work on the facade with new signage outside and inside, as well as repainting the window frames – you may already have spotted some of these changes, there will be more to come.

Thank you

The Panto would not have been achieved without the help of everyone who chipped in and helped – to them, a huge thank you.

Download the Programme and full list of volunteers.