Telegraph Hill Festival 2019

Apr 5, 2019 | News

It’s always a delightful time of year hosting Telegraph Hill Festival, one of the Telegraph Hill Centre and St Catherine’s Church family, and a wonderful way to engage with our community through arts, crafts, culture and fun.

We’ve been part of hosting all the large events, Classics Night at St Catherine’s Church, The Craft Fair on Saturday 6th April which runs across Centre and Church, Comedy Night at the Centre, Sonic Imperfections, Comedy Cabaret from Westdal & Hayward, the Sound of La La singing along with you, me and all of us, and of course the evergreen Jazz Night. There’s so much more, from art classes to Yoga and Wellbeing, and it’s all here.

We love Telegraph Hill Festival!

This year, with more than 140 events – of which more than 90 are FREE – we’re seeing visitor numbers looking really strong, with lots of great feedback.

Click here to see the full programme, download the Open Studios Map or just to find out more.