Refurbishment Plans

Nov 4, 2012 | News

“Renaissance” raised £1671.96 for Telegraph Hill Centre’s refurbishment.  This was a little short of the target we were hoping for – a round £2000 would have been nice – but the pleasure, excitement and “feel good” factor of the evening (as shown by the feedback received) are of great value.

“Renaissance” was an ambitious production and it achieved what it set out to do –  to bring together a diverse group of people and engage them with Telegraph Hill Centre in a positive manner, part of the Centre’s 40th birthday aims.   Download the full report on the event – Renaissance. You can also see a video of the event here.

With the encouragement (and hard cash) given by “Renaissance” we are now seeking to make progress on refurbishments and improvements to the Centre (although some of these improvements will only be achieved by securing significant capital funding from grant giving bodies which may take some time).  “Renaissance”, though, has proved that the Centre has energy, can draw upon a large base of volunteers to give generous amounts of their time and diverse talents and has the enthusiastic support of the local community – all factors which make such fundraising more likely to succeed.

Below is a list of improvements we have in mind.  Your comments and further suggestions welcome – send us your views:

  • Repainting Foyer,  Lounge and Narthex (the large hall with the stage)
  • Improving and modernising lighting
  • Upgrading the toilets
  • Creating a covered walkway (to give access to the Craftroom without going through the Narthex)
  • Installing a lift to enable better disabled access to all floors
  • Setting up a ‘drop-in’ internet station
  • Creating a work-hub for hire
  • Improving the Centre’s office to support efficiency
  • Refurbishing “dead” spaces and making them available for use