Song Medicine (Singing for Wellbeing)

Song Medicine: the ultimate musical self-care practice 

Thursdays 7.30-9.30pm in Studio 2 

Tickets: £11 low wage/no wage / £16 standard / £21 abundant & supporting 

Singing is now recognised by cutting edge-Science and Indigenous Community Elders alike as a powerful source of healing and wellbeing for the human body, mind & spirit. Having creative and connecting experiences within community is just the kind of wholesome activity we love here at Heart Song Collective, and we’d love you to come and join us!  

No matter your level of singing confidence or assumed ability, you (yes YOU!) are warmly invited to come and join us for a playful, relaxed and nourishing group singing session. We meet on Thursday evenings, 7.30-9.30pm in Studio 2, and regular attendance or drop-ins are equally welcome. We welcome adults (18+) of all ages, and as a member of the Proud Wellness Directory, we are particularly keen for our LGBTQIA+ siblings to come and sing with us. 

During the Song Medicine sessions, we’ll focus entirely on how it FEELS to sing together (rather than on sounding pretty or perfect), and on boosting our body’s natural happy hormones. Standing or sitting in a circle (whatever’s comfiest for you), you’ll be taught simple, soulful songs from the Natural Voice Network by ear and by hand gesture (click this link to hear our songs). We go really slowly, line by line, learning a maximum of three different songs per evening, and focus on repetition to create maximum relaxation for the body and mind. The sessions are held in a trauma-informed way, and are the perfect self-care boost for those wanting to give their nervous system a lovely dose of co-regulation and resource, and those managing mental health challenges, stress or trauma-recovery. It is a substance & alcohol sober space, so it’s also perfect for those in recovery from substance addiction.   

The sessions start with introductions and a quick group check-in, then we warm up our bodies and voices together before we start learning our first song. We sing without any instruments (a capella), and the rounds and simple harmony-part songs will leave you feeling satisfied and connected. Our closing circles are full of relaxed, heart-open, well-nourished and deeply regulated folks. Tempted?! Come and try it! 

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About the facilitator: 

Assamiya (A-sa-mee-a, she/her) is a professional singer and singing teacher, trauma-informed transformational coach, conscious communication teacher, and the Creatress and Song Leader of Heart Song Collective. Combining her passion and experience of group singing over the last 30 years, understanding of the voice and human nervous system, and the Natural Voice Network’s accessible teaching style and song library, Assamiya has created Song Medicine, the ultimate musical self-care practice. Her leadership style is warm and encouraging, a little bit sweary, and often pretty goofy!  

You can read more about her and about us on our website: 

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