Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical) Dance Class

Pranita is a Bharatanatyam (Indian classical) dance artiste with over 20 years of experience training and performing in India and the UK. She has performed at various festivals and venues such as Soutbank Centre, Nehru Centre, Westminster Abbey amongst others and continues to share her work through solo and ensembles. 

These weekly regular classes are aimed at children above the age of 7 years and adults who wish to learn the beautiful and ancient dance form of Bharatanatyam, and explore the expansive world of Indian Classical Arts. In class we will learn some exercises, hand gestures, postures and expressions to begin with, and slowly progress to learning choreographies as we build on our vocabulary, strength and stamina. People from all backgrounds are welcome and you don’t need to have to have any prior experience. 

Classes are once a week on Tuesdays 4 pm 

Cost- £10/week 

For registrations please contact Pranita Choudhry at pranita88@gmail or whatsapp on +447957223882

Download Activities Timetable (.pdf)

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