Ankor Pilates – Intermediate Friday

  • Ankor Pilates – Intermediate

    Intermediate Pilates will help you build even more strength, mobility, co-ordination and balance. In Intermediate we build upon the Basic principles of Pilates (alignment, breathing and core stability) by advancing and combining movements in order to challenge you. We will also start to work with some of the small equipment (bands, small balls and spikey balls). All of the challenges in the intermediate work will help you to improve posture, gain core strength and stamina, and improve balance and flexibility. If you’ve been practicing Pilates for more than 6 months, or you have a basic understanding of Pilates, Intermediate classes will help you to develop and deepen your practice. NB these classes are not suitable for you if you: have recent pain or injury; are newly postnatal; have osteoporosis.

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    Class 1: 8:50 – 9:45
    Class 2: 10 – 10:55
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