Panto: Where the funds raised went and why

Jan 25, 2014 | News

The Panto accounts were presented to the Telegraph Hill Centre Management Committee and Bold Vision, the two beneficiaries from the Panto. 

After costs of £308, the amount to be split between the beneficiaries was £2554.64. Split evenly, this comes to £1277.32 for Telegraph Hill Centre and an equal amount for Bold Vision.

Sanjit expressed his huge thanks to the Centre for waiving any charge for rehearsal space or performance space (the Narthex) and the enormous help they gave throughout. In addition Sanjit thanked the Festival for the loan of lights and sound equipment, as well as everyone else involved.

Sanjit had already been speaking to Stephen and Jacqui, informally canvassed the Panto cast and crew and spoke to other members of the community resulting in broad agreement that the money given to Bold Vision would be best spent on a cooker and associated equipment for Hill Station.

Accordingly, the £1277.32 given to Bold Vision is specifically for a cooker and associated cooking / kitchen equipment for Hill Station. Hill Station also benefited by hosting the Panto Bar for the evening shows, and with mutual agreement, kept the funds (approx £600) arising from that activity.