Mindfulness in Motion – Feldenkrais & Potent Voice Workshop

Oct 9, 2023 | Events, News

Mindfulness In Motion
Feldenkrais & Potent Voice
with Maggy Burrowes
Studio 2
Saturday February 17th
1 – 3.30pm
£20/£15 (Low Income)
This will be a semi-regular Saturday class giving you the opportunity to explore moving while using your voice in a mindful, playful, joyful way. Feldenkrais is designed to accelerate the learning process, and Potent Voice is designed to enable you to access your breath and voice in a more spontaneous and organic manner. Combining the two allows you to more effectively “embody” the way you express yourself both physically and emotionally, because it will enable you to develop a more immediate and more authentic relationship with all your internal sensory systems – emotional, neurological, musculo-fascial – this means you will also be learning tools that with practice can enable you to access your ability to self-calm when experiencing anxiety and stress.
More info on Website: MaggyBurrowes.com
Contact & Booking:
07976 640737
Wear loose comfortable clothing
Mats provided