Mend it with Mo

Oct 2, 2018 | News

Morlai Sumah is Telegraph Hill Centre’s always cheery and helpful Facilities Co-ordinator, and he’s a dab hand at making all sorts of toys and household gadgets work again – proof that recycling and reusing can work, beautifully.

Mend it with Mo is your chance to see a magician at work. It’s also your chance to find out how you can fix gadgets like Mo, or just make new friends.

Mend it with Mo is on the first Thursday of each month from 11.30 am to12.30 pm in the Telegraph Hill Centre’s Narthex.

You may have heard of the right to repair – it’s basically the right to have appliances or objects to continue to deliver what was promised when you bought them, and to have the right to have them mended if they fail. Yet many appliances or objects seem built to deliberately prevent repair. This has consequences for the environment, and is wasteful of the resources involved in making something new, it’s also expensive.

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