Homes for Bikes

May 28, 2013 | News

If you own a bike and live somewhere with limited storage, this might be for you.

Cyclehoop, a design firm specialising in creating cycling infrastructure for cities, are looking for locations in Lewisham to install secure bike parking for people who can’t squeeze a bike in their hallway.

Lewisham is the latest London Borough to adopt the bike locker scheme from Cyclehoop; a service providing secure residential bike parking for a small annual fee.

Working with the London Borough of Lewisham, Cyclehoop are currently selecting the locations to install the bike lockers. Cyclehoop aim to place the lockers in locations of the greatest demand.   So if you are interested in having a bike locker near you, please
complete the form.

Bear in mind you need a decent chunk of pavement to fit these things on or to lose a parking spot on a street.