Coronavirus Workout

Apr 10, 2020 | News

Here at Telegraph Hill Centre, though we remain closed, we are also working to keep things moving, check our social media for inspiration, tips, tricks and the occasional laugh. We’ve also prepared some handy learning opportunities and well being tipsClick here to take a look.


View the Telegraph Hill Centre Coronavirus Workout


Users of Telegraph Hill Centre – people like you and me who care about the area and the people who call it home have put together the Coronavirus Workout

It’s offered with the spirit of helping you to get through this and covers everything from healthy eating, managing family dynamics, coping with stress, developing a fitness regime for restricted spaces, breathing exercises, and lots of tips and tricks and sage advice – just what we need.

Until all this passes, keep your spirits up. Try to accept that we an only control what we can control, and that this situation will eventually pass. The manner of its passing is what we can help influence, by behaving responsibly and being mindful of our own health and that of others.

We continue to work in partnership with St Catherine’s Church and Hill Station to help see the community through this difficult time.

Telegraph Hill Centre is also on standby for use as an emergency centre if needed. In addition to the improvements we’ve made to the building, its services and safety in recent years, we have also been working with the local authorities to explore how the building can be used to support the community in an emergency. If needed by the local authorities we will open our doors as an emergency shelter or care facility. Until then, we remain closed in line with government guidance.

We hope to see you all soon – and we wish you well.