BeBright @Telegraph Hill Centre

Oct 10, 2016 | News

We caught up with the team behind BeBright @ Telegraph Hill Centre.   They’ve transformed the former Old Library into an inviting and exciting new space, with lots for young people and the wider community to enjoy, learn from and grow with.   Here’s what they had to say …

Tell us a little about Be Bright Projects?

Be Bright projects is two businesses.    BeBright Bunnies, a 35-space nursery for 6 month olds to 5 year olds opening in the next couple of weeks and BeBright Training, a training centre, which will launch next year, for early years practitioners, parents, small businesses and social enterprises.

What inspired you to develop Be Bright?

We were inspired by local parents who told us they wished there was a nursery next to the CCC club (The Children’s Creative Community Out-of-school Club also at Telegraph Hill Centre).

We were also inspired by our own belief in the importance of life-long learning.  Cher Walker Moore had her own Early Years training company and Kate Faragher had her own bespoke business training and coaching company and we felt we could join forces to offer excellent training locally.

How do you hope Be Bright might help children, and the wider community?

We will help children by offering top-level childcare by experience child-care experts. We will help their parents by making the prices competitive.

We hope to work together with other nurseries to share best practise with each other and build a strong network of support.

We also aim to offer the community excellent training.  We both like delivering practical and useful training that is fun and effective.  We also have a number of associates that deliver their areas of expertise too. We will want to go out to the community over the next 6 months and ask them what they want to learn, so we can find ways to provide it.

Take a look at the transformation in the space: