AGM: Telegraph Hill Centre

Oct 20, 2014 | News

Will you be part of our good news story?

It’s an exciting time here at the Telegraph Hill Centre. A time of growth, creativity and collaboration. We have an amazing space in the heart of our local area and it serves you. HAVE YOUR SAY AT THE CENTRE AGM

During 2015 we need to find people who could give financial support or ideas about were we could get it to help us renovate the Centre and pay for the many improvements we need to over the next five years. Do you have suggestions for what could be improved? If, yes come and share them with us.

Every year, the Centre Management Group holds a meeting to report on what’s been going on and plans for the future. EVERYONE who uses the Centre or lives, works, studies round here is entitled to take part. Find out what goes on at the Centre and a little bit more about its history.

This year’s ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be on Saturday 15 November, 11am to 12 noon.

The group that runs the Centre has six members from the Church (who own the building) and six from the Community. The group meets roughly every six weeks. So please consider joining if you’d like to help decide the way the building is used and run. You can get a nomination form from the Centre in advance or fill one in at the meeting.