A new look

Jun 13, 2013 | News

Users of Telegraph Hill Centre often commented on the decoration in various parts of the building.   Over the 40 plus years of its existence Telegraph Hill Centre has been maintained by a largely voluntary team drawn from the community the Centre serves.   The Centre’s self-funding nature has always imposed a constraint on what we could do, there are always better things to spend the money on.   There are also important issues to deal with in terms of the building’s structural integrity – boring but necessary.   Earlier this year, the management committee promised to make changes to the decor using the funds we raised in 2012.  

The photo esssay below describes what we did and how we did it.

On 23rd and 24th May 2013, following an invitation from Jane Hartley the Centre Manager, Ernst & Young lent us many pairs of hands to get stuck into stripping paint from pipes, filling in cracks, sanding away gloss paint and apply a base coat of white paint to the entrance hall and Narthex.   These are the lovely people who helped us.

The story doesn’t end there.   Energised by the commitment and hard work the teams from Ernst & Young put in, Jane Hartley got in touch with Discovery Communications.   The Discovery Communications team got to Telegraph Hill Centre on 7th June 2013, and with lots of elbow grease transformed yet more of the Centre, including the outside space.   Meet the team from Discovery:

The team from Discovery Communications at Telegraph Hill Centre, 7th June 2013

The team from Discovery Communications at Telegraph Hill Centre, 7th June 2013

Together the lovely people from Ernst & Young and Discovery Communications helped us transform the Centre from this:

To this:

Good changes, and long overdue.   The bright new, welcoming look awaits you – pop by – there is a lot going on that you could be involved with at Telegraph Hill Centre.