A new breakfast and after-school club

Jan 28, 2014 | News

The Children’s Creative Community Club is a new breakfast and after-school club operating from Telegraph Hill Centre.   The CCC Club was awarded the service by Telegraph Hill Centre following a tender issued in late 2013.

Cost and Registration

The cost is £5 per day per child for the Breakfast Club and £12 per day per child for the After-school Club.   For more information, visit http://thecccclub.org/

The team behind The CCC Club explained that:

  • They wanted to provide a happy, safe, stimulating, supportive, inspiring and FUN environment in which children will thrive and develop as rounded, creative and responsible members of the community in which they live
  • The CCC Club team will drop-off to and pick-up from John Stainer, Edmund Waller and Haberdashers Primary Schools and will be able to look after children aged 5 and above
  • The Club will initially have capacity to look after 24 children per morning and 24 children per afternoon session, and the composition of available places breaks down as follows: 22 ‘regular’ places plus 2 ‘last minute’ places (available on a ‘first come first served’ every day).

The CCC Club explained that although they have a preference for full-time places (e.g. your child attends either the breakfast club or the after-school club or both clubs every day) they understood from their own experience as parents that family lives are not always that simple, so will endeavour to enable part-time places.

Registration is not yet open.   Pending an Ofsted inspection of the facilities at Telegraph Hill Centre, the registration date and details of the registration process will be announced.

For more information, visit http://thecccclub.org/