Fundraising Appeal #LoveTelegraphHill

St Catherine’s church and the Telegraph Hill Centre –
Working together for the good of all

The story so far

In the spring of 2017, the Telegraph Hill Centre and St Catherine’s church began to raise awareness about the financial pressures we were facing. The autumn of 2016 had seen some seriously hefty bills – chiefly a brand new heating system for the Centre in both the communal areas and in the studios, and some significant tree surgery work – amounting to a total of £85K. The work was essential – the boiler had been condemned and the trees were diseased and unsafe. We were awarded £20K worth of grants and paid for the rest of the works on a 50/50 basis from our respective reserves. This seriously depleted our funds.

We asked the local community for help

During the Telegraph Hill Festival we launched a low key, fundraising appeali.

We raised £13K through some significant personal donations, spare change in buckets at various events at the Festival and the children from St Catherine’s did a sponsored Fun Run.

We were bowled over!

We are very grateful for every pound we received

We’ve paid the bills, but our reserves remain seriously depleted and there is very little money to continue our programme of regeneration in the Centre.

We need your help to enable us to carry out more essential works

We need the whole community to step up and help.

We want to raise at least another £30K between now and the end of the Telegraph Hill Festival 2018.

That sounds like a lot.

And it is.

We need 100s of people to respond to this appeal.

But the 4000 people we have been in touch with already have shown that they are committed to this vibrant, diverse community and value it enough to give it a helping hand.

This is not about paying bills. This is about investing in the future of our community and ensuring that all the good things which spring from St Catherine’s Church and Telegraph Hill Centre can continue to thrive.

So what investment will we make over the next three years?

  • Replenish our reserves – to secure our financial stability
  • Some exceptional one-off capital investments in areas like fire safety and new work spaces, that will make a huge difference to the safety and user-experience of Centre users, ensure our future financial viability and underscore our commitment to future generations
  • Improvements to accessibility, ensuring everyone can make use of the facilities available in Telegraph Hill Centre
  • Improvement to facilities such as kitchens, lighting and toilets need improvement, better and tables and chairs will need to be replaced
  • More audio visual equipment e.g. projectors
  • Improvements to the gardens and green spaces
  • We have listened to people asking for projectors, a defibrillator and other services.


We’d love to do it all. But we also have to be realistic and do what we can in stages.

Some of this will be achieved through this Fundraising Appeal, some through special one off events, some through grants.

Whatever your connection to us: a fitness class, Telegraph Hill Festival, the annual Panto, provision for children and older people, one-off events, the Hill Station, church services and related events – we’re asking for your help.

We cannot do this alone.

We need the whole community to step up and #LoveTelegraphHill



200 households give £50


20 people run special events that raise £500 each


10 individuals give big donations




SUB TOTAL (including £7,500 Gift Aid)

37, 500


What we will spend your money on


Replenishing the reserves, split equally between the Church and the Centre to ensure we can meet the costs of further works (so that’s £7,500 each)


Essential improvements to our Fire Safety Compliance across Centre and Church

£5, 000

Improvements to Kitchens and Lighting


A defibrillator and media services like a projector and screen

What can you do now?

We’re asking every local household to donate £50. But a fiver would be fine if that’s all you’re able to afford. And £500 would be awesome.

We’d love everyone to be part of this and if you have ideas for fundraising activities – such as a cake sale, or sponsored activity or opportunities for children to be involved we’d love to hear from you.

Every single person who contributes to this fund will have their name included on a piece of artwork that will be installed in the foyer of the Centre. Every sponsor will be updated on how much money we’ve fundraised and how the money is being spent.

All you have to do is go to and make your donation, taking care to ensure that we are able to claim Gift Aid when you are prompted.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for considering helping us.

Thank you for all you’re already doing.

Thank you for being part of this great community.

All good wishes,

Rev. Sheridan James

Vicar of St Catherine’s on behalf of St Catherine’s PCC and the Telegraph Hill Centre Steering Group. The Vicarage, 102A Pepys Road, London, SE15 5SG

i We started with a low key launch, because we were waiting for the Charity Commission to issue us with our own charity number. We needed it in order to claim the Gift Aid and add another 25% to the donation from every tax payer at no cost to us, or them. We’ve now got that number.

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