£3000 raised for Telegraph Hill Centre

The 2014 Panto – Aladdin – played to packed houses across four shows in early December.   Audiences could not get enough, they said:

“Brilliant!  How I wish this show could show for longer, I’d have come again AND brought more people to see it with me.”

“How do the team manage to make each show better than the last?   I’m so pleased that it is always in aid of Telegraph Hill Centre too, it’s a good place.   I’ve lived here for nearly 30 years but this and a couple of other things at the Centre are the only things I really connect with.   Events like this make me appreciate what we have in the Centre.   Long may that continue.”

“Please don’t stop!   Ever.   Aladdin was just too good.   How you’ll top it next year I don’t know.   But please try, I’ll bring 10 people with me to see it.”

“I loved it, the kids loved, even my great aunt who is quite hard of hearing loved it – there was just so much for everyone and all delivered with such gusto and clear enjoyment by the cast.” 

“I’ve no idea of how much hard work goes into it all but please know that we all love this annual event.   Please, please keep it going.”

The funds raised by Aladdin came to just over £3000 (£3034).   The Centre is a self-sustaining community space which generates income from letting various spaces within the Centre, in addition to receiving a grant from St Catherine’s Community Mission Fund.   The £3000 raised by Aladdin will be apportioned to various continuing improvements to the infrastructure and services within the building – rewiring to the best modern standards, ensuring that there is better lighting internally and externally and so on.   More details on what the money has been spent on will follow in the coming months.

The Panto could never happen without a team.   This year’s team have been incredible.   As ever, Sanjit Chudha produced the Panto (dealing with the logistics from script development months beforehand to clearing away late at night after the last show).   Of course without a script, there would be no Panto, and this year Ian Richardson’s script provided several well judged swipes at authority, lots to laugh at and with, and made room for the performers to shine.   The performers were led by a very generous director in the form of Andrew Clarke who selflessly gave up several evenings a week to ensure that everyone was rehearsed as best they could be.   In this he was aided by Jayne Grimshaw (who also stage managed), Kate Faragher and Laura Graham Anderson.   Wiz Kelly and Anthea Sheahan made a marvellous dragon from, as the script said, ‘a bicyle helmet and some old cloth’.   Of course the cast were flawless and they were:

Aladdin – Roger Mason
Wisheewashee – Elayne Carby
Ababanana – John Burgess
Widow Twanky – Gregory Doey
Nighthawk – Rima Bray
Daisy – Richard Gadd
Wiki – Wiz Kelly
Genie – Helen Bond
Emperor Poo – Paul Milnes
Princess Apple Blossom – Rosa Pearce-Hamilton
Mummy – Loclann O’ Grady
Gossiping Villagers – Gretchen Meddaugh, Durgesh Srivastava / Kate Faragher
Frou Frou – Laura Graham Anderson
Magic Mirror – Maggy Burrowes / Joe Kelly
Guards – Andrew Clarke, Jayne Grimshaw

Huge thanks also go out to all the children involved with the show [names to be updated].

The crew were also amazing.   For lights we thank John Whitfield and John Kelly.   For shifting scenery and helping out generally with setting out and putting away chairs, lights and props, we thank Owen King, Richard Bailey and Maryam Moarefvand.   For clever make-up we thank Fenella Lawrence.

For generous use of rehearsal space:

Telegraph Hill Centre, Pilgrim’s Way Primary School and Children’s Centre and the CCC Club

For help with costumes:

Linda Newman, Jayne Grimshaw and the cast

Bar & Cafe:

Tamsin and Malcolm Bacchus, Rev Sheridan James and St Catherine’s Church Mothers Union

Front of House:

Rosie Wyatt, Kate Pearce, Maggie McMahon, Tracey Warner, Deborah Huisken, Susan Edwards, Maeve McAnallan and Sarah Wanendeya

To everyone involved, thank you so much for everything you did.   We’ll try and do it all again later this year!

Christmas: Crafty Gifts for All

snowflakeCraftmas 2014 takes place at Telegraph Hill Centre on Saturday 29th November, 12:00–18:00.

Local designers & artists will be selling their handmade work, kids & adults can make Christmas wrapping paper, cards and decorations  (£2 per workshop) and all can enjoy homemade sweet and savoury treats, and hot drinks in the crafty cafe.

Pop along to browse and buy, join drop in workshops, have tea, savouries and cakes and meet neighbours and friends – it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a stocking filler or Christmas bargain, whether upcyled or designed from scratch.

THCG: AGM & Minutes

Telegraph Hill Centre Group (THCG) is the group which manages and runs Telegraph Hill Centre.   THCG has six members from the Church and six from the Community.   It meets roughly every six weeks.   Here are THCG Summary of meeting on September 2014.

THCG AGM – Will you be part of our good news story?
It’s an exciting time here at the Telegraph Hill Centre. A time of growth, creativity and collaboration. We have an amazing space in the heart of our local area and it serves you.

During 2015 we will need to find people who could give financial support—or ideas about were we could get it—to help us renovate the Centre and pay for the many improvements we need to put in place over the next five years.

Do you have constructive suggestions for what could be improved?   If “yes”, come and share them with us or contribute through our website, thcentre.com. Every year, the Centre Management Group holds an open meeting to report on what’s been going on and the plans for the future. EVERYONE who uses the Centre, or lives, works, studies round here, is entitled to take part.

This year’s ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, will be on Saturday 15 November, 11am to 12 noon

The group that runs the Centre has six members from the Church and six from the Community. It meets roughly every six weeks. So please consider joining if you’d like to help shape the way the building is used and run. You can get a nomination form from the Centre in advance or fill one in at the meeting.

Aladdin – A thrilling tale of derring do …


Aladdin and his brother Wisheewashee must defeat Emperor Poo’s deceitful vizier, Ababanana, who places every obstacle in their way as they hunt for the mysterious magic ring. Along the way they polish a lamp, meet a Genie, and consult the Wiki of the ring, a non-profit information provider, for clues.

Featuring a pouting and petulant Princess, a washed up washerwoman known as Widow Twanky, incompetent henchmen and ne’er do wells, star acts, an Emperor called Poo and lots more hilarious characters and situations. You’re in for a treat!

This Panto is a fund raiser for Telegraph Hill Centre, a much loved independent, self-funding community resource. Find out more about the Centre here. Join the Centre’s Facebook group here for tips on what’s on, where’s what and who can help you with odd jobs, gardening, building trades and more …

BOOK YOUR PANTO TICKETS PRONTO! Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Here’s a gallery of pictures of some of the cast in rehearsal, they’re having fun!

Untitled design(1)

£10,000 grant for Telegraph Hill Centre

Telegraph Hill Centre-Fun

We are happy to announce that a partnership between Grow Wild, Aurora Options and Telegraph Hill Centre has been awarded 10k from Lewisham Council under the small/faith grants scheme, to fund the development of the Cloister Garden for another year.

The grant will help fund a weekly educational and therapeutic gardening workshop for Aurora Options service users, Telegraph Hill Centre users and Grow Wild garden volunteers as well as monthly Community Cob Oven Pizza Evenings, a family friendly social event designed to utilise the cob pizza oven and its regular use by the community Investment in a quality greenhouse and general improvement to the garden structures and fabric.